College Touring Tip Sheet

We asked members of our Facebook college-touring group “What are the top three things you look for when touring a college? Here are the various responses listed by bullet points in alphabetical order. If you’d like to join our group and participate in our conversation where parents share information from their recent college tours and ask questions about upcoming visits, sign up here to become a member and trip with us!   

Campus Life

  • How happy and engaged are students walking around campus 

  • Friendliness of students when you stop to ask questions, and if they’re excited to talk about their school.  

  • The degree of school spirit that exists

  • Student involvement with local community organizations and volunteering opportunities

  • What do students do for fun on the weekends, do most remain on campus

  • Is there Greek life on campus and if so what percentage of students participate


  • The amount of students per class 

  • Do professors teach classes as opposed to teaching assistants

  • Is there an opportunity to sit in on a class while touring the school


  • Is there an efficient amount of computers and printers

  • Is complimentary printing available and a certain amount of pages that are provided free during each semester per student

  • The availability of IT help


  • Affordability

  • Scholarships offered

Dining Halls

  • Is there well-rounded, nutritious, tasty and varied menus

  • Are dietary restrictions addressed

  • Are there options beyond the dining hall such as on campus cafes and shops that are on the meal plan  

Dorm Life

  • The maintenance and cleanliness of common areas and dorm rooms

  • Are accommodations up to date

  • How many years do most students live on campus  

  • Do upperclassmen have options for suite or apartment-style housing

  • Are the dorms in a safe area near classes 

Employment Options

  • Are there ample on-campus work-study or job opportunities

  • Is there a strong alumni network 

  • What is the percentage of student’s employed upon graduation.

  • What is the average salary of graduates first jobs


  • Is the campus gym state of the art and are classes offered

  • Is there a 24/7 Health Center 

  • I like to see the academic buildings of my child’s intended major 

  • Is there a central quad where students congregate—a student union 

  • Does the school have religious and/or cultural buildings on campus 


  • Accessibility and amount of books and sources 

  • Hours and proximity to dorms


  • Double-check that school has intended majors/minors

  • Meet with students in the department of the major my child is applying to

  • Percentage of students who graduate in four years


  • Is there a college town or a city nearby

  • What is there to do off campus 

  • How close is campus to restaurants, entertainment, shopping malls and stores

  • Is the college and the community connected or do they just co-exist 

  • What do students do on the weekends 


  • How well does the local police department works alongside the college

  • Is there a blue-light system


  • Is there a convenient and complimentary shuttle bus system to get around campus and into the local town

  • Is there access to local and national bus/train stations as well as airports near campus

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