Study Abroad: Ultimate #eeeeeats Guide to Rome

By Sara Kotcher


Forno Roscioli’s & Roscioli’s •Address: via dei chiavari, 34

• Must get: The forno (bakery) has the most amazing take away slices of pizza, cooked in a brick wood oven. Types include rosemary and potato focaccia and pizza rosa is a classic. Roscioli’s sit down restaurant you must make reservations for but is so phenomenal. I suggest any of the pastas and any of their mozzarella appetizers are to die for- especially the epic mozzarella hamburger.

Piperno• Address: via monte de cenci, 9

• I could go on for days about this restaurant. Three words: world famous artichokes. Also has amazing zucchini blossoms and a variety of seafood pastas such as spaghetti al vongole that is up there with the best.

PierLuigi• Address: piazza de ricci, 144

• My single favorite restaurant in Rome. I had the best meal of my entire semester here with my mom and roommates when she came to visit and then went back for my birthday. This spaghetti al vongole has forever changed my view on pasta. Can no longer eat any other kind. Their appetizers are also fabulous – ask for the sliced octopus not usually on the menu, any of the raw fish crudos, as well as the prawn and potato salad. Fried calamari is top notch as well.

Hosteria del Moro da Tony aka TONY’S• Address: vicolo del cinque, 36

• Must get: penne alla vodka and chicken parmasean, no question. This is the classic split and you will boast about having tried his food for the rest of your life. His cacio e pepe is also amazing, and his salmon! Tony is the sweetest man and made our abroad experience. House wine and free dessert, with a discount at the end of every meal. His bread is incredible also but make sure to ask for the focaccia. It’s a secret!

Gino’s • Address: via della lungaretta, 85

• Must get: tartufo pizza and marghertia pizza are beyond. Tartufo is one of my favorite parts about Rome cuisine, you must try it! Their penne sorentina and penne arrabiatta are also spectacular, but usually not on menu- just ask they’ll make it for you.

La Enoteca• Address: via della lungaretta, 86

• Nicer restaurant with great bruschetta plate to share. My favorites were the lamb and honey, eggplant parm, and gnocchi.

Gusto• Address: piazza dei cinquecento

• Must get: buffet for lunch is awesome, make sure to get there early enough for it. Their pizza with lox on it is also a highlight.

Ditirambo• Address: piazza della cancelleria, 74-75

• Must get: full appetizer plate with black truffle and beef tartare. Also the burrata is out of this world. My mom had pig cheek when she was here, which is a Roman delicacy. Also amazing cacio e pepe which Rome is known for.

Grappolo d’oro• Address: piazza della cancelleria, 80

• Must get: eggplant parm appetizer, meatball with broccoli pesto, rigatoni amatriciana, cacio e pepe, and if you can still eat order the salted cod.

Antica Pesa• Address: via garibaldi, 18

• Amazing restaurant good for parents! Famous sister restaurant of PierLuigi, there is also a location in Brooklyn, NY. The staff is superb and helps you hand pick your meal out of their exhaustive menu choices. Beautiful garden to sit in outside so go when its warm!

Nino’s •Address: via borgognona, 11

• Great restaurant also for parents, feels like an American steakhouse but the food is so beyond. I had simple spaghetti pomodoro and was in love. This restaurant is a true gem and I think about it all the time – especially miss this place.

Da Enzo• Address: via dei vascellari, 29

• NO MATTER HOW LONG YOU ARE IN ROME, YOU MUST GO TO THIS RESTAURANT. Burrata. Artichokes. Meatballs. Done. Seriously, so incredible and you will not get in without a reservation. Looks like a hole in the wall but is my all time favorite restaurant in my neighborhood and potentially all of Rome. Gives PierLuigi a run for its money.

Ba’Ghetto• Address: via portico d’ottavia, 57 and via Livorno, 10• The reason there are two addresses is because it is a kosher restaurant in the Jewish Ghetto, meaning instead of having two kitchens they just simply split their restaurant into two parts: meat section and dairy section. Both are great and have essentially the same menu. You can get the falafel and hummus platter at either location and I highly suggest it.

Hosteria La Botticella• Address: vicolo del leopard, 39/a

• Giulia is such a gem. She serves huge platters of incredible food for only 25 euro a person. Good for big groups and accommodating big parties. Went here for our final supper. The antipasti plate and the pasta plate are so beyond. Dreaming about this everyday.

Taverna Trilussa• Address: via del politeama, 23-25

• This restaurant is probably up there in my top 3 if I had to choose. Amazing outdoor atmosphere and stellar food every time.

• Must get: beef and balsamic—it is famous and lives up to the hype. Don’t be tempted by other steaks on the menu. Also try the award winning ravioli mimosa, or any of their pastas are also great. Served in huge wok bowls so a lot leftover usually.

Romolo• Address: via della scala (near JCU Giancolo campus)• Cute garden outdoor seating area. Great food, very classic Roman. Good lamb chops!

Cul-de-sac • Address: piazza di pasquino, 73• MUST GO HERE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Had my last lunch here.

Food: lasagna and pasta with broccoli and pecorino cheese. Then get the artichoke pie. Greek salad and caprese. You’re set. Great for families, lunch, or dinner. You will never leave here unhappy, I promise! Cool wine list also.

Da Bolognese• Address: piazza del popolo, 1-2

• Must get: Bolognese. Duh.

Sora Margherita• Address: piazza delle cinque scole, 30

• Incredible restaurant in the Jewish ghetto. Need a reservation because it is tiny. Get the 4 cheese cacio e pepe and the artichokes. Then if you’re still hungry get the meatballs because they compete with Da Enzo’s. I turned into a meatball fanatic abroad so this place is the real deal when it comes to their meatballs. They have incredible desserts as well! Served on a paper menu they write themselves each day- amazing place.

Baffetto• Address: via del governo vecchio, 114

• Must get: baffetto pizza. Margherita pizza. The end. GO! And then finish your meal with Frigidarium gelato dipped in milk or white chocolate next door.

Osteria Barberini• Address: via della purificazione, 21

• Must get: anything with truffles on them. Known for their truffle appetizers and pastas. Black or white truffles depending on the season. So special.

Da Remo• Address: piaaza di santa maria liberatrice

• Hands down best pizza in rome. I repeat, BEST. PIZZA. IN. ROME. Order all the appetizers knowing that you can’t finish them because the pizza is the main event. Their suppli (fried rice balls) happen to be great though.

Assunta Madre• Address: via giulia, 14

• Go for the fresh fish and know that you’ve leaving with empty pockets. Extremely expensive but worth it. Good place to take parents when they visit.


Ristorante Spirito di Vino – oldest standing 4 wall jewish synagogue now converted into a resturant

Alla Fratte – serves bagels every weekend until 2pm, owned by a jewish couple from long islang

Il Duca – good for artichokes and a light lunchLa Scala – a little upscale for the neighborhood but good food

Cassette di Trastevere – came here when we were craving anything that was not pasta aka grilled chicken

Taverna di Trastevere – meatballs and spaghetti and THEN must get the tartufo dessert. Yum.

Miraggio – near JCU’s Giancolo campus and dorms, must get the grilled squid and epic dessert of fried dough with nutella melted on top.

Dar Poeta – solid pizza near JCU’s campus.

Ripa 12 – interesting modern take on Italian food in Trastevere.

Aristo Campo – great mozellera and eggplant wrap, has simple salads as well.

Meridionale – modern French seafood. Loved it and they have good desserts such as warm chocolate molten cake and apple crisp.

Forno Pane Cotto a Legna – amazing pizza easy to take away or eat there, fun fact: bakes 90% of the bread served in Trastevere restaurants.

Grazie & Graziella Volpetti Cheese Shop – closer to testaccio on via marmorata, 47 but GO HERE and taste everything.

Kuriya – expensive but worth it. Asian food. When you start to crave it, come here and get the fried rice.La Boccaccia – my absolute favorite little spot by JCU. Marghertia pizza and the sausage and goat cheese were my staples. Quick lunch in between classes, or breakfast? Lol.

L’insalata Ricca – CRUCIAL FOR WHEN ALL YOU WANT IS A SALAD AND HEALTHY STUFF. I gave it up towards the end when I was on a mission to eat everything carb-related in sight but it’s good to know about. There are a few locations but the one closest to school is off of via della scala. Just make a left at the street before the big arch and keep walking until you hit it on the left hand side of the street. Next to Antica Pesa, actually.


Da Giggetto (in the jewish ghetto) Da PietroQuinizi & GabrielliOld Bear

Monzu Vladi Ad Hoc (great truffle dishes) Li Rioni (pizza)Sforno (pizza)Pizzarium (pizza) Maccheroni


gelateria del teatro – address: via dei coronari and address: next to the ponte girabaldi bridge across from trastevere. san crispino – near the trevi fountain fatamorgana – trastevere, most unique flavors fior di luna - our local spot frigidarium – gelato dipped in milk or white chocolate blue ice – a chain but amazing nutella flavor -  grom – also a chain but I still loved it and ate it often!