Five Apps You Need To Use During The College Application Process


By: Jordyn Staff, High School Junior

College Hunch- For a prospective college student with the average amount of teen angst and parents who want the absolute best for their child, College Hunch is one of the best apps for information about prospective schools. With thousands of schools to choose from College Hunch is easy to navigate with information from average SAT scores, acceptance rates, freshman class size, tuition, notable alumni and popular majors. It also includes a feature where you can “favorite” schools, compare them, and set filters so the app can recommend more schools based on average GPA, test scores, and interests. 

SATFlash- With the workload that Junior year brings and the high demand for tutors, it can be difficult to find a tutor that is available on a schedule that works for you. SATFlash is a tutor alternative that gives you the option to do daily practice problems, practice problems by category, and even full tests. There is a countdown clock at the top of the screen to make sure that you are pacing yourself. It's a great way to get practice no matter where you are.  The app can also find a tutor for you based on your strengths and weaknesses. 

College Advisor- Customized to what you are looking for in a school, College Advisor, by Princeton Review, suggests schools based on the qualities you desire most in a school and your test scores. They also sort the colleges that you have expressed interest in into three categories: safety, target, and dream schools. They have a student review section for each of the schools so that prospective students and parents can get more than just the statistics. 

ACT Prep- Similar to SATFlash, ACTPrep offers a wide variety of study options. They sort their practice tests by difficulty, allowing students to progress from one level to another. They have settings where you can learn by concept, take a practice section, make flash cards, and a “question of the day” section which generates a mock test question every day.   ACTPrep also provides tutor matches and can find a tutor who is able to cater to sections and skills for a specific student. 

Naviance (website)- One of the most popular college planning websites, Naviance, has everything you need to start the college process with confidence. Naviance allows you to compare colleges, rank them, and based on your personality and interests, will suggest colleges. Naviance breaks the process down into multiple sections and is easy to navigate as a student or parent. Naviance provides students with a place to communicate with their college advisors and stay on track with deadlines.