Notes From A College Counselor - UConn

By: Janet Stark

1. Puppetry major (in School of Fine Arts which has a 9:1 student/faculty ratio.

2. Turfgrass management major.

3. Honors Program requires a 30-50 pp thesis. Half the honors students (2200)are engineers.

4. Students entering as "Undecided" majors(~25%) participate in the ACE program: Academic Center for Exploratory Students to help them decide.

5. Of the 625 clubs, 2 unique ones: Cannoli Club and Canoe Battleship Club.

6. Senior design program - students receive money from companies to solve a problem. At the end of the year, they present their solutions. 100 companies come in to see.

7. Fun jobs on campus include actors for the nursing program and working at the theatre.

8. Survey course on types of engineering for those who are undecided. 

9. Students are encouraged to do research (aside for classes), internships, study abroad and leadership. 1.3MM hours of community services are contributed by students annually through volunteerism, academic service learning, and internships.

10. Learning communities in the dorms for business, pharmacy, nursing, and engineering. Makes for easy access to classmates who might be better in a subject than you or readily available study groups.

11. Business School offers Management and Engineering for Manufacturing major with School of Engineering.