Hindsight is 20/20—The Male Perspective

They say hindsight is 20/20 so we asked fathers who’ve been through the college process to share what they learned and their advice to those just starting out. Honest, moving and chock full of wisdom you need to read these heartfelt responses as you embark on your college admissions journey. 

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How To Write A Killer College Essay

This piece of writing is a leading admission criterion at most schools. In addition, the essay is an opportunity --it is your chance to show admission officers that you can write well.

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How To Make The Most of Your Summer Internship

After enduring the lengthy and competitive internship application process, you might think now you can relax… you’ve found your dream job! Yet, finding an internship is just the beginning. From the start, you have to work hard and provide value to your team. Navigating the professional landscape is not always easy, but these following tips will help you nail your summer internship.

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The Top Ten Tips for Effective College Visits

As an experienced college visit planner, I often refer back to the tips that worked best for me when I first began. I now share these tips with parents looking for guidance, and I’m delighted to share them with you today as you and your child together begin the college search process.

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By Michelle Rosenthal

Follow along with Sweat Scene ambassador Michelle Rosenthal (Emory '16) as she shares her favorite Atlanta outdoor spots and not just for working out!

Get Moving: It’s time to switch up your workout routine and check out some of Atlanta’s best outdoor spaces. Here’s the lowdown on a few favorites close to campus.


Located in the heart of Midtown, Piedmont Park is a trip you might want to save for the weekend. The park is always bustling with activity, and its 185 acres are perfect for running, biking, or just strolling.


Amenities – Come with friends and play any sport your heart desires. The park has tennis courts, a soccer field, a softball field, volleyball courts, a running track, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and even bocce courts!

Dog Lovers Unite – There are two dog parks located side by side, one for big dogs and one for smaller dogs. This is a great place to let your dog off the leash and play with some other pups!

Rentals – Didn’t bring your bike to school? No worries. There is a bike shop called Skate Escape Bike Shop located right on Piedmont Ave where you can rent bikes by the hour.

Green Market – This farmer’s market runs from 9am-1pm every Saturday through December. It's a great place to stock up on groceries post-workout or bring a blanket and have a picnic lunch!

Blue Donkey – On Saturdays and Sundays, there is a Blue Donkey pop up in the park from 11am to 7pm. They have all of their flavors at this location, so feel free to mix and match and get your caffeine fix before or after your workout.


The Atlanta Beltline spans 22 miles across a historic railway that wraps around the city of Atlanta. Though the Beltline is not fully completed, there are plenty of paved areas to work out, refuel, shop, and enjoy some fresh air.


Brunch--There are tons of places to stop for a bite (or sip) before or after you workout. For brunch, try Parish, Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, or Two Urban Licks. For coffee, Dancing Goats in Ponce City Market is a must. For juice, try Juice It Atlanta, Kale Me Crazy, or Lucky Lotus.

Take the Scenic Route – As you keep moving, you never know what you’ll see! Keep your eyes peeled for awesome street art and sculptures as you make your way across the beltline. These unique displays provide great motivation to keep on sweating.

ShoppingParis on Ponce, located directly on the beltline, is home to over thirty chic boutiques! This is a great place to browse and even find some new apartment decor. P.S - Juice It Atlanta is located inside! Also, be sure to check out all the new stores that opened in Ponce City Market.

Location – Since the beltline extends around Atlanta, you can warm up outdoors before attending your favorite Yoga class at CorePower Yoga or kickboxing at X3. The beltline even connects to Piedmont park if you want to hit two sites in one day!


Located conveniently on Emory’s campus, Lullwater Park is the perfect place to work out before, after, or in between classes. The park is a beautiful and serene place to run and fit in your workout during a busy week.


It’s Not the WoodPec – While the WooPec is great for running in place, Lullwater has trails that allow you to run through the outdoors and still make it to class on time.

Surroundings – This park is full of natural beauty, with different varieties of trees and a small lake. There are tons of grassy areas to read, think, meditate, journal, or catch up with a friend.

The Terrain – Lullwater has a nice mix of flat ground and hills, making it a great spot to test your resistance.

Other Features – Lullwater is home to the President’s house which is a beautiful landmark to run by. Also, be sure to check out the suspended bridge and former powerhouse tower that still stands!


**THE SWEAT SCENE is a great go to site for health minded college students featuring timely guides for staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle written by a team of student ambassadors and contributors.


Hiking the Hills

By Sarah Pfeiffer


Take it Outside: Running on your gym’s treadmill or StairMaster tends to get boring after awhile, so head to your local parks, mountains, and trails for a literal (and figurative) breath of fresh air. Not only will your legs thank you, but your mind will appreciate the change of pace.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, don’t forget there’s much more than just the beach to look forward to.

Iconic Hollywood: The definitive LA hike that comes to most people’s mind is the hike to the Hollywood sign. There are a few ways to see this famous attraction (it’s worth playing the tourist to see!). Starting out in Bronson Canyon, it’s a hefty 6.5 mile hike to the sign-- you'll definitely need good sneakers or hiking boots.  Don’t forget a backpack full of water and some granola bars. This is an ideal hike if you're feeling adventurous and want to take the road less traveled. However, if you aren't up for that long of a hike, the canyon is still worth visiting. It's famous for several caves that you can walk through, (look out for bats),beautiful scenery and that several movies have been filmed here. Not to mention the view of the Hollywood sign is pretty great.

Fast and Furious: For those of you looking for a simpler hour-long activity to get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping, start your hike from Sunset Ranch. While this hike is on the easier side, the views are still great along the way, and you’ll definitely get a nice sweat going by the time you reach the top. This hike brings you right behind the Hollywood sign. It’s about 1.25 miles up a windy fire road and not very steep at all. This is the kind of thing you can do in Nike Free Runs as long as you don’t mind them getting totally dusty. At the end of the hike, walk down the road a few hundred feet and buy a cold drink from the hidden stand.

Scenic: If the first hike was too long, and the second was too short, then this last one will be just right. Starting from the Griffith Observatory and ending where the previous hike did, you get a two for one deal with views at the start and the finish. This hike’s trail style is similar to the previous shorter hike, but with a longer distance of 3.5 miles each way. It’s considered to be of moderate difficulty. What’s cool is that you can see where you started once you make it to the Hollywood sign and feel proud at the distance you covered. This is also the kind of hike you don’t need to be super prepared for, other than hydrating and bringing a bottle of water along for the road.

Last Thoughts: Don’t spend your time in LA stuck inside a gym or in a yoga class; explore nature’s gym, you won’t be disappointed.

***THE SWEAT SCENE is a great go to site for health minded college students featuring timely guides for staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle written by a team of student ambassadors and contributors.


Parents Weekend - Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

Touring the Monticello Wine Trail with UVA Daytripper Ambassador Lindsey Bralower. (Class of 2017)

For many, Charlottesville is simply home to Thomas Jefferson, the rotunda, and the lawn. But, for those of us who have been fortunate enough to call Charlottesville our home for more than a weekend, we know there is so much more to explore outside of grounds.  Nestled within the countryside and mountain ranges of Charlottesville County are a bounty of vineyard and breweries spanning the Monticello wine trail. It is the perfect activity for parent’s weekends, a twenty-first birthday celebration, or just your average Saturday afternoon. Here is a breakdown of my favorite places to stop, have a sip, and grab a bite.

Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

Pippin is a Charlottesville vineyard staple. Located only 15 minutes away from UVA, and a favorite among UVA students. Whether you decide to sit inside the renovated barn for lunch or simply grab a few bottles of rose and enjoy the great lawn, you know you’ll be in for a treat. The beautiful views of the vineyard and the delicious crudité platters add to the overall welcoming ambiance. Its no surprise this picturesque venue is the backdrop for many weddings.

Blue Mountain Brewery

Looking for a great restaurant with an equally impressive variety of beers on tap? Than Blue Mountain Brewery, part of the Brew Ridge Trail, is the spot for you. Blue Mountain Brewery has both indoor and outdoor seating, lawn games, and often-free live music. I highly recommend doing the beer tasting paired with their spinach and artichoke dip. The brewery tends to get crowded on the weekends with locals and visitors alike, but its well worth braving the crowds for their Sunday brunch, you wont regret it!

Bold Rock Brewery

If choosing a perfect hard cider is not something that comes naturally to you; Bold Rock Brewery is aiming to change that! Bold Rock in addition to a fantastic tap house, offers tours of the cider making process, plus beer and cider tastings, all with great views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Bold Rock is one of my favorite Breweries to visit in the fall because of the changing leaves and fall flavors. It is a serious must if your parents are coming down for parents weekend or a parents formal this fall.

Blenheim Vineyards

Before Dave Matthews was a national superstar he began his career here in Charlottesville. As homage to his hometown, Mathews started Blenheim Vineyards, just 20 minutes away from grounds. There are two vineyard sites thats grow grapes for Chardonnay, Viognier, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The goal at Blenheim Vineyards is to make high quality wines that reflect the climate, soil, and beauty of the surrounding piedmont landscape. If you are looking for a wine tasting away from the crowds, I highly recommend stopping by the Blenheim tasting room.

Beyond the corner and the downtown mall

One of my favorite things about UVA is the plethora of activities there are beyond grounds. Now that I am in my fourth year, I am looking to explore more than ever. Wine and beer tasting is always at the top of my list. While I have shared a few of my favorite spots in the area, the great thing is that there are so many more—it’s impossible to ever get bored.



Pippin Hill Farm and Vineyard

Address: 5022 Plank Rd, North Garden, VA 22959

Hours: Monday Closed

Tuesday- Sunday 11AM-5PM

Phone: (434) 202 8063


Blue Mountain Brewery

Address: 9519 Critzer Shop Rd, Afton, VA 22920

Hours: Monday – Saturday 11AM-10PM

Sunday 11AM-9PM

Phone: (540) 456-8020


Bold Rock Brewery

Address: 1020 Rockfish Valley Hwy, Nellysford, VA 22958

Hours: Monday – Thursday 11AM – 6PM

Friday – Sunday 11AM – 8PM

Phone: (434) 361-1030


Blenheim Vineyards

Address: 1 Blenheim Farm, Charlottesville, VA 22902

Hours: Monday- Sunday 11AM – 5:30 PM

Phone: (434) 293-53

Northwestern: Game Day Itinerary



From the perspective of current Northwestern student, Brooke Y '17


Northwestern may not have the best football team in the Big Ten but its membership within the league is a big part of the campus culture. To fully immerse yourself in the NU experience, parents should join the festivities and celebrate the game as if they are students.

Proper Attire: One of the best parts of game day is getting decked out in purple. If your wardrobe does not contain the appropriate gear, then head to the bookstore on Sherman street. If you are really adventurous (and want to blend in) get the purple and white striped overalls.


Breakfast: Not eating breakfast before game day is a rookie mistake. Luckily, Evanston has many brunch options. Einsteins and Panera offer bagels on the go. But if you have time for a boozy brunch, go to Farmhouse or La Macchina. Scrambled eggs and Bloody Marys are a must.


Tailgate: There are endless options for tailgating. Follow your kids to their favorite locations. The best tailgates have students' BBQs - leave room for some delicious grilled fare. Tip: You will be on your feet all day so wear comfy shoes.


Game On: Head over to Ryan Field at least a half hour before game time. Students get in for free but be sure to book tickets in advance so you can sit with your kids and cheer like a WILDCAT! If you don’t know the Northwestern version to “Hey Baby” - brush up on it beforehand. It’s one of the many game day traditions you will want to partake in.


Recharge: Head back to downtown Evanston for much needed coffee. Unicorn Cafe is an Evanston staple but the Starbucks on Sherman is a good option too as it’s one of the nation’s best!


Dinner: I know you're exhausted but don't sleep yet! Evanston has great dinner options! Union Pizza is a student favorite. Its thin crust pizza is a draw (very different than the classic Illinois deep dish pizza.) Boltwood is fairly new to the Evanston lineup. It has a changing menu reflecting the seasonal produce. If you are looking for something super casual, try Edzo's. Their burgers are legendary. 

Sweet Dreams: Your kids will probably want to go out. Don’t feel bad if you cannot keep up. You're not a college student (even though you pretended to be today.)

Homeward Bound: At the airport, pick up a tin of Garrett Popcorn to take home  - the best popcorn in the state (maybe the country!)



I don’t exactly remember when I started to slouch. “Stand up straight!” my parents would constantly remind me. But I could not seem to master it. Everyone’s parents tell them to mind their posture. But since I naturally stoop worse than my 85 year-old Nana, I often heard: “You look like a question mark!” ”

When I was little my dad was the volunteer coach for my peewee soccer team, and he always played me. I knew how lucky I was, not just for this advantage, but also for having a dad who loved me enough to spend his Saturday mornings with screaming children. My dad never pressured me to be the best, he just wanted me to try hard and have fun. He always encouraged me by saying, “When you stand tall and run, you are unstoppable.” Even though my greatest worries at the time tended to center on snacks, off the field I still slouched around like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Now that I am a senior, I am almost always huddled over something. Cooped up at my desk trying to finish my calculus homework, lugging a 40 pound backpack around school, or peering down at my phone sending off that last urgent text message to my varsity soccer co-captains reminding them about an upcoming practice or game.

But when I play sports, I stand tall and feel powerful. This begins the instant I stride onto the field, whether it is for soccer or lacrosse, a practice or a championship game. Something about running and being free allows me to let go of the stress from homework, exams, and labs. Everything I’ve compressed throughout the day is decompressed, and I find myself channeling my energy and focusing on the goal directly ahead.

As my high school soccer career comes to a close, the legacy I will leave from this season as team captain has become very important to me. To rally my team I give pep talks and organize team dinners. To help the girls develop their skills on the field, I lead drills and races to build our stamina. I make sure that everyone feels they had the chance to play their best game. But mostly, I remind them to stand tall and always to put in their best effort.

Sometimes I have moments when I want to throw in the towel like everybody else. For example, at the end of a grueling pre-season workout this year, I shouted, “I’m so tired I’m going to collapse,” and heard the echoes of a dozen younger girls agreeing with me. I immediately saw them slowing down, and realized that as captain, they were taking their lead from me. Remembering my dad’s advice from years before, I immediately shifted my attitude and stood tall, exemplifying the behavior that I hoped the girls would follow.

It sounds so simple, but reminding myself to stand up straight is a constant challenge to be the best version of myself I can be. When I do that on the field, my teammates follow my lead. When I do that in the classroom, my peers listen and respect what I have to say. Standing tall, I am more positive, alive, and confident in my abilities. I love watching the big cats on the Discovery Channel, when they, feel threatened, they arch their backs and rise up to intimidate their predators. I have read studies that claim posture has a direct effect on people’s mood and self-esteem. But I don’t need a study to tell me what I have learned firsthand. Now, whenever I see a friend crouching over a book, or an exhausted teammate slouching on the field, I yell, encouragingly, “Stand up straight!” and then I repeat softly, to myself, “because then you are unstoppable.”

Showing off Atlanta: It’s Parents Weekend!

By: Alexandra Warren*

So you chose to attend Emory, congrats! Now it’s parents weekend. Your parents are in town and you want to share with them all of the exciting things Atlanta has to offer. (Maybe you even want to impress them by showing them how cultural you have become during your first few months at school.) Rest assured--Atlanta is a city that will not only impress your folks, but is offers a combination of fun activities mixed in with some southern culture.

Get Moving: Wake up early one morning, put on your cutest workout leggings and hiking sneakers and head on over to Stone Mountain for unbelievable views and a workout that will have you sore for days. Stone Mountain is a bit far from campus, but it’s an experience that is truly worth experiencing! I recommended, if your family is game, to hike the mountain early in the morning and watch the sunrise.

Tour: Feeling cultural? Check out two highly acclaimed tours: The Coca-Cola Factory and the CNN Tour. The World of Coca-Cola is a museum showcasing the history of the brand in unique and novel ways, including films, exhibits, and of course free samples of different beverages. The CNN Tour is an hour walking tour that is extremely popular, so make sure to purchase your tickets in advance. On the tour you will explore the headquarters of CNN and visit their newsrooms and studios. You can even create your own broadcast and ride up the world’s largest freestanding escalator. How cool! Some other cultural attractions include The Museum of Natural History, College Football Hall of Fame and the Center for Human Rights.

Flower Power: Are you a total nature freak? Atlanta is yet again the perfect city as the botanical gardens are gorgeous and showcase the true beauty of plant life. It is strongly encouraged to purchase tickets in advance.

Finding Nemo: If plants are not your thing, but you are an animal lover, Atlanta also has one of the best aquariums in the world. Your family will love the interactive exhibits, thousands of animals, live shows and more at the Georgia Aquarium. Again, be sure to purchase tickets in advance to avoid long lines.

Shop: Time to shop! The Lenox Square Mall is a high-end mall that certainly will not disappoint. Here you will find stores such as Apple, Bloomingdales, Zara and Saks and high-end designer stores such as Cartier, Fendi, Prada and so much more. The shopping here is a real treat. Another great shopping opportunity is the recently designed Atlanta Beltline. With awesome views, great restaurants and great boutiques, the Beltline is a scenic and is truly “where Atlanta comes together”.

On Campus: Last but certainly not least, show your parents where you have been residing the past few months. Take them on a tour of campus, show them the bookstore so they can stock up on Emory apparel and of course purchase the mandatory car decal. Introduce them to your friends, your RA, SA and all the other people you’ve met thus far. Show them the gym, the library, COX, and the DUC. Show them the beauty of Emory and even take them to some of your lectures, discussions and classrooms. If your daring enough, maybe introduce your parents to some of your professors, a perk that Emory has to offer since class sizes are generally pretty small and professors know their students by name.

*Alexandra Warren and her partner Sydney Hertz cofounded All Things Abroad their sophomore year at Emory during an aha moment planning for their own abroad trips. Their site is a go-to resource with a wealth of the latest information for students traveling, living and studying abroad.

"Let Your Life Speak"

There is a Quaker saying: “Let your life speak.” Describe the environment in which you were raised—your family, home, neighborhood or community—and how it influenced the person you are today. (Required length is 200-250 words)

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