Pick one woman in history or fiction to converse with for an hour and explain your choice. What would you talk about? (1000 characters)

Before sitting down with my favorite revolutionary or pioneer, I would probably stop for a broken mint with ELOISE, my original bad girl. The Plaza was her segregated bus, the pompous guests her oppressors, the men’s room her office and she my childhood hero hero hero. She showed me kindness, as she helped her maid clean her room so she could take her social security test. She urged me to be my own person, hiding in the Grand Ballroom in protest of the obscene societal constrictions put on a six year old. Together, ELOISE and I would probably do more than talk. She might give me a Kleenex crown, my first step towards presidency; I would invite her to my family-renowned “Making Festival.” We would jump up and down for a while and then I’d thank her for always taking my side against the enemy; or we might use the wall as a canvas, and begin our campaign. ELOISE and I, we’d be unstoppable. Here’s what we like to do: follow the way of reason… with a few unreasonable stops on the way.